CBD Bath Bomb - Revive
CBD Bath Bomb - Revive
CBD Bath Bomb - Revive
CBD Bath Bomb - Revive
CBD Bath Bomb - Revive
CBD Bath Bomb - Revive

CBD Bath Bomb - Revive

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Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up.  Take a reviving break with Blue Buffalo Hemp Oil Bath Bombs and get ready for the rest of the day or evening.  Lovely warm vanilla and sugar fragrances provided by multiple essential oils and Blue Buffalo Full Spectrum Hemp Oil extract bring about the desired effect in no time, and are good for your skin simultaneously.  Enjoy a little break at the end of the day with premium quality of Blue Buffalo Hemp Oil Bath Bombs.
Type: Bath Bomb
Brand: Blue Buffalo
Manufacturer: Tru Blue Hemp Company
Potency: 100MG Isolate CBD Extract
Scent: Revive

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