How long do items take to ship?

Because of how we run our company some items can ship within days, some might take about a month based on where its coming from.

Are all products MTO (Made to Order)?

No, not all products we sell are MTO. Several products we keep a inventory of and can be sent out quick.

How long does a MTO product take to produce?

This depends on each product and how many you will be ordering. An average production time will be 2-4 business days though.

Why have I only received half my order?

Sometimes orders will be split and sent out separately. Several reasons we might do this;

1. You've ordered an inventory item and a MTO item. We'll send the inventory product out first since it is ready to go.

2. You've ordered two different MTO items. Some products take longer to produce than others so we'll send half the order out so its not sitting in the back.

3. Some of our products come from countries outside the U.S. and take time to arrive.

What if my order gets messed up?

If your product comes in the mail and it is incorrect (ex: wrong colors, printings off) Take a picture of it and send an email to Customerservices@grnlf420.com.                       

They will reply with a way to fix the issue and have a new one sent. 

If I decide I want to return a package before I receive it, can I do that?

Yes, If you change your mind and no longer wish to receive your order we can do that. You will have to wait till you receive the product and send it back before the refund gets processed. Take a look at our return policy for more details.

Can I buy wholesale?

Yes and no. As a company we would like to wholesale many of our products but we do not have a team put together yet. If you would still like to work out a plan please send a message to wholesale@grnlf420.com.