COVID-19 Updates & Policies

What We Are Doing 

We at GreenLeaf420 believe in preventing the spread of Covid-19 and any other disease. As a company we are trying our absolute best to make sure the products you order from us are disease free and up to CDC's standard guidelines. All packages sent out by our team or partnered facilities are to be sanitized and cleansed before sent out for shipments. 

 If you'd like to know more or have questions on what we're doing to slow the spread please email us at with the subject "Covid-19"


Frequently Asked Question's

  • How can i be sure my package is completely clean?

Well we unfortunately cannot guarantee the sterilization of all our products because we do not know what happens after we ship out.

  • Where's my package?

As many of our frequent customers have noticed we are having big issues with tracking. Because of the world pandemic many shipment companies have been overwhelmed and having a hard time staying on top. This is causing drastic delays in shipping up to several months. If your tacking code becomes inactive due to long times, please contact and we will try to solve the issue as fast as possible.

  • Is this affecting the production times?
Many of our product will be affected the by the pandemic. Many of our suppliers had been quarantined for a certain amount of time. At this time things are slowly going to normal. Some products will still take a little longer to be made and possessed due to smaller staffing. All we ask for is your patience during these times. 
  • Will Covid affect current pricing?
Happy to say it will not affect any of our prices or our free shipping policies.